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What happens to your brain?

Regular cannabis use in youth and young adults can affect aspects of cognition, including attention, memory, processing speed, motor skills and overall IQ.

psychosis and regular cannabis use

Rates of cannabis use are higher among people with schizophrenia than among the general population.

People who use a lot regularly at an early age (16-18 years) or use high THC potency pot regularly are more likely to develop mental and social health issues

Almost half (46%) of all patients diagnosed with cannabis-induced psychosis have the potential to convert to a schizophrenia spectrum disorder. When looking at cannabis specifically, the majority of diagnosis conversions to a schizophrenia spectrum occurred during the first 3 years.

cannabis and psychosis

Cannabis use worsens symptoms and function in patients with schizophrenia.

Continued cannabis use worsens long term symptom and functional outcomes, greater severity of symptoms, a higher risk of relapse, reductions in medication adherence, and global functioning deficits.

* PANSS score is used to measure severity of psychotic symptoms.

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