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cannabis in canada

The legal age and location to purchase pot will be determined by each individual province. Visit to find out more

Don't buy from the streets!

You will require proper I.D

Know what you are getting

Cannabis can be consumed in different forms and potency, you should ask about potency if purchasing cannabis and the risks that come with high potency weed.

Ask about potency:

THC gives you the high. Cannabis with a high THC content can result in significantly worse mental health and cognitive outcomes.

CBD can have benefits. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the main nonpsychotropic component in cannabis CBD is found to have a small, but significant relationship to self-reported positive symptoms. The therapeutic properties of CBD are reduced when the cannabis is smoked.

People who use a lot regularly at an early age (16-18 years) or use high THC potency pot regularly are more likely to develop mental and social health issues

Rates of cannabis use are higher among people with schizophrenia than among the general population.

psychosis and regular cannabis use

Early Psychosis Intervention Portal   |   Hamilton, ON   |   905-525-8213   |

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